iMessage For Pc

How Download apple iMessage for Windows 10
We all know that iMessage is the Messaging app which comes with iOS devices. We all think that how to send iiMessage on PC ? Is there any specific software released from Apple? The answer is no. There are no particular app or software like iMessage on pc released by Apple officially.Therefore there is no any official way to send iMessage from Pc. But today we will discuss a possible way to send iMessage from PC.

Basically, we use remote access method to send iMessage for PC. You need to have iMessage working app with Mac. Therefore, if we discuss about this method of iMessage for PC access the mac from windows PC with using some tool. To do this, you must have iMessage working Mac and Windows PC. Both Mac and Windows PC must be connected to the internet because these remote access methods connect Mac and windows with the internet.

Install iMessage for Windows PC

1.First, log in to Mac and Lunch safari web browser.
2.Download google chrome web browser and install it to Mac
2.Now from that google chrome web browser, search Chrome remote desktop extension."
3.You can download and install Chrome remote desktop to the chrome web browser.
4.Once it was done, open Chrome remote desktop tool, you will get 12 digits code and save it somewhere.
5.Now you need to log in to windows pc and download and install chrome web browser if you don't have it.
6.After installation, search Chrome remote desktop extension for google chrome.
7.Download Chrome remote desktop and install into your Windows PC.
8.Just open Chrome remote desktop app. then it will ask 12 digits code. You can provide the code which you got from Mac.
9.Once you provide the code, you will have access to Mac from your PC.
10.After that launch iMessage App from pc and start sending iMessage from pc.

You can use this method to send iMessagefrom pc. When you are busy with windows pc, you can send or reply iMessage without switching the computer.Hope this helps to send iMessage from pc. If you have any question, let us know. We will help you to solve any error regarding this tutorial.
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